Counterweights will no longer be included in the base price of the Standard Porta-Jib or the Porta-Jib Traveller. Official Porta-Jib weights are powder-coated and bear the distinctive Porta-Jib name stamped into the metal. Weights are priced at $3 per pound.

Metal weights can be purchased at most sporting goods stores. Our jibs have a 1" (25mm) weight shaft, and a standard barbell weight has a 35mm opening, which will work perfectly. The advantage to buying weights locally from a sporting goods store is that they may be less expensive, and there will be no shipping costs. A word of caution however: barbell weights are designed to be used indoors primarily, and are often simply painted. When these weights are exposed to outdoor conditions, they often will rust rather quickly. Porta-JIb weights are powder-coated and will hold up much better over the years.

For the Porta-Jib Traveller, suggested weights are two 10 lb. weights and three 5 lb. weights. 35 lbs. (16kg) total.

For a Standard Porta-Jib in normal configuration, suggested weights are four 10 lb. weights and two 5 lb. weights. 50 lbs. (23kg) total.

10 lb single counterweight $30
5 lb single counterweight   $15
Porta-Jib Counterweights              Wt. 50 lbs. (23kg)
Suggested package for use with Standard Porta-Jib
four 10 lb. weights and two 5 lb. weights
Porta-Jib Counterweights               Wt. 35 lbs. (16kg)
Suggested package for use with Porta-Jib Traveller
two 10 lb. weights and three 5 lb. weights

Note: When using the 36" Extension kit on the Standard Porta-Jib, the amount of counterweight needed goes up substantially. Due to the increase leverage and weight created by adding the Extension Kit, it first of all takes approximately 30 lbs (13.6kg) to balance the arm itself. Then the ratio shifts from approximately 1.2:1 for the jib without the Extension kit, to approximately 2.5:1 for the jib with the Extension Kit. For example, to approximate the amount of weight needed to balance a front payload of a fluid head and camera weighing 35 lbs, (15.8kg), you would add 30 + 2.5 x the front payload. In this case it would equal approximately 120lbs (54.4kg). (More specifically: 30 + (2.5x35=87.5) = 117.5.)



Balanced Monitor Bracket

video See a video on balancing the Vector Bar

  To get the most out of your Jib, make sure you are loading the weights correctly and using the Vector Balancing Bar.
We have both a video and a written tutorial to help you balance your jib perfectly every time.