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Welcome to our Learning Center. Over the years, we have spent a lot of time talking to customers. We learned that some things regarding our products needed further explanation. We've created a Learning Center with written information and videos that we hope you will find helpful. We think these will be especially useful for those of you who need to purchase a jib arm or dolly for the first time. You will find discussions about the innovations that distinguish our equipment from similar products, as well as some assembly and how-to-use videos. We know there are always more questions to be answered, so we welcome the opportunity to speak to you directly. If you have a question, please email or call today.

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Instructional PDFs



Standard Porta-Jib in Action

A customer sent this video to us. The first 40 seconds shows a chase sequence, then it becomes a behind the scene video showing how the Standard Porta-Jib was used.

Standard Porta-Jib Review

Porta-Jib Explorer Review

Porta-Jib Explorer 2014 Assembly Video

Standard Porta-Jib

4-Leg Spider Dolly

3-Leg Spider Dolly

Losmandy FlexTrak

Vector Balancing System

Using an underslung head on a jib

Note: these videos below were done for the Explorer Version 1, and some of the details shown here are no longer incorporated in the current Version 3. If you own Version 2, and need instructions, there are PDFs on our Explorer Legacy page: www.porta-jib.com/explorer-legacy-support.html.

For the current Version 3, see the video above labeled Porta-Jib Explorer 2014 Assembly Video, or go to the Explorer page.

Porta-Jib Explorer

Porta-Jib Explorer teaser