3-Leg Spider Dolly
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Losmandy® 3-Leg Spider Dolly
shown with optional tripod and FlexTrak

If you are comparing dolly systems and are unclear about
the advantages of a tripod dolly versus a rideable dolly,
please click here to visit our Learning Center and read "Pivoting Seat vs. Stationary Seat vs. No Seat."

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The Losmandy® Spider Dolly
Extended Leg Version

Adding still more modularity to our dolly system, we now offer a Losmandy 3-Leg Spider Dolly with longer legs. These will provide a 36" footprint instead of the 24" footprint of our standard track dolly, The Lightweight Tripod combines with the Extended Leg Version of the Losmandy® Spider Dolly and floor wheels to create an easy and safe way to position heavy cameras and jib arms.

  LWT Foot The new Light Weight Tripod foot has a rubber pad and a 3/8" clearance hole so that it can be bolted to the dolly.


For table top work where a track separation of 9-10 inches is preferable to the normal 24" separation required by the Spider Dolly, you can re-configure your 3-Leg Spider Dolly to become a 3-Wheel Mini Trolley. Click here for details.
  Losmandy Mini Trolley
    3-Leg Mini Trolley with 100mm cup

  4-Leg Spider Dolly
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The 3-Leg Spider Dolly can be upgraded to the rideable 4-Leg Spider Dolly by purchasing the Upgrade kit, which includes fourth leg and wheel, DV adjustable column, 100mm top, 4 foot platforms, pivoting seat assembly and pushbar for $2795.

SP3T   3-Leg Spider Dolly with choice of 3 Track Wheels $1195
SP3TC   Custom Case for 3-Leg Spider Dolly withTrack Wheels $380
SP3FEL   3-Leg Spider Dolly with Extended Legs and Floor Wheels $1195
SP3FELC   Custom Case for 3-Leg Spider Dolly Extended Leg Version with Floor Wheels $335
    Additional set of three legs (short or long) $225
SPUGK   Upgrade Kit $2795

3 leg Spider Dolly Case 3 Leg Spider Case (Long)

3-Leg Spider Dolly Case 3-Leg Spider Dolly Case (long)

Tripod foot tiedowns for 3-leg Spider Dolly

Tiedowns are not necessary when using Porta-Jib tripods with the Spider Dolly
The 3-Leg Spider Dolly's price of $1195 can include the Cartoni tiedowns if you have have an alternate tripod.
The Manfrotto Tripod Tiedown is an additional charge.
Please specify your preference when ordering.

Cartoni Tiedown

This Cartoni tiedown works with most professional tripods.

This Manfrotto casting can be added to our Spider Leg to accommodate tripods that do not have the double spike and lip for the rubber strap.

Note: this option is $150 for the set of 3 mounted on our Spider legs.
Note: this option will not fit into our custom case for the 3-Leg Spider.

Manfrotto Casting