4-Leg Spider Dolly

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If you are comparing dolly systems and are unclear about the advantages of a tripod dolly versus a rideable dolly, please click here to visit our Learning Center and read "Pivoting Seat vs. Stationary Seat vs. No Seat."

Losmandy® 4-Leg Spider Dolly
shown with DV Adjustable Column, Push Bar, Swivel Seat, 100mm DV top, Platforms,Track Wheels and FlexTrak.

One of the best features of our 4-Leg Spider is the combination of our Pivoting Seat mounted on the Swivel Seat Mechanism.

The Swivel Seat Mechanism pivots 360 degrees around the column, while the Pivoting Seat allows the camera operator to move in and out relative to the column.

Putting these two motions together lets the camera operator keep his eye tucked into the camera�s eyepiece and rotate his body around the column in sync with the panning motion of the fluid head. The camera operator can concentrate on his framing and incorporate a zoom or focus pull with his left hand as his right hand controls the pan and tilt.

The seat assembly adjusts its height by moving the threaded nut on the shaft. Also, the upper non-threaded section of the seat shaft can be removed from the bottom threaded section to drop the padded seat down lower for low-shot work. You can see this difference in the pop-up animation that describes the various heights of the column and low shot kit.
  Swivel Seat
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Low Shot Kit

Low Shot Kit     $650

Click here for pop-up animation featuring details including height variations for DV Column and Low Shot Kit.
Note: Use the Pause button to study individual pages of this animation.
Low Shot Kit Case

Low Shot Kit in Custom Case

SP4TS   4-Leg Spider with Track Wheels, DV Column, 100mm Top, Single Pivot Seat,
Swivel Seat Mechanism, Pushbar & set of 4 Platforms (as pictured above)
SP4TSC   Set of 2 Cases for 4-Leg Spider Dolly System $1600
LSK   Low Shot Kit $650
LSKC   Case for Low Shot Kit $325

4 Leg Spider Dolly Case DV Column Case
Swivel Seat Case
Set of two cases for the 4-Leg Spider System -- $1600

DVAC   DV Adjustable Column $895
    Adjustments are in 1.5" (3.8cm) increments. Holds up to 200 lbs. (91kg) and adjusts from 21" (53cm) to 34" (86.36cm), mounts to either 3-Leg or 4-Leg Spider Dolly and accepts 100mm, 150mm and Mitchell Tops. Wt. 9 lbs. (4.1kg) (Tops are Extra)

The height range of the DV Adjustable Column is based on using the lowest position for putting the camera at an appropriate height for shooting someone in a seated position, and the high position for shooting someone standing.

DV Adjustable Column
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DV100T   100mm DV Top $200
DV150   150mm DV Top $375
DVM   Mitchell DV Top $300
SSM   360° Swivel Seat Mechanism $425
SPS   Single Pivot Seat $300
SPPB   Push Bar Assembly $350
SPP   Set of 4 Platforms  (only for 4 leg configuration) $275
LSK   Low Shot Kit $650
LSKC   Case for Low Shot Kit $325



For table top work where a track separation of 9-10 inches is preferable to the normal 24" separation required by the Spider Dolly, you can re-configure your 4-Leg Spider Dolly to become a 4-Wheel Mini Trolley. Click here for details.

4 Leg Mini Trolley
  3-Leg Spider Dolly
Owners of the 4-Leg Spider Dolly System can reconfigure the dolly to the 3-Leg Spider Dolly to use with a tripod.
4-Leg Mini Trolley with 150mm cup